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Guided tours to Lake Victoria
Lake Victoria is the second largest lake in the world. Tanzania has a lions share among the three East African States of Kenya and Uganda. Guests will explore the village, see people going to the field and fishing. At the lake they will see fishermen bring to the shore their night catch and buyers negotiating their deals. Women and children will be serving tea right their as preparations for next fishing trip begins. Our guide will explain the history, ecology, geology and the economic importance of the lake relating it with Sukuma culture. People will lead you through and teach you about their fascinating way of life. Among other things you will be able to experience traditional canoeing and participate in the fishing expedition at an extra cost.

Traditional canoeing
Local fishermen who will be singing as they row will conduct a canoe trip. It is best done in the morning when the Lake is calm. They will show and tell you different traditional fishing methods. Each canoe carries six people, three guests and three fishermen/guides. On your way, you will see a number of water birds. Many birds are indigenous to this area and therefore not easily seen in Serengeti. Such birds include yellow-backed weaver, balk headed gonok, red chested sunbird, swamp flycatcher etc.

Bird watching
Apart from water birds seen at the lake you will be able to see over 100 spp of birds around the Lodge and along the Mbalageti River, Serengeti plains and Kamani Indigenous Forest. Serengeti and Lake Victoria are Important Bird Areas (IBAs) under International Bird classification and also an important stop over for migratory Eurasian birds like European stork, Abdim's stork etc.

Sukuma Culture interpretation
Serengeti Stop Over Lodge is the only place where one can get the interpretation of the rich history and culture of Sukuma people. This makes possible for Serengeti tourists to combine game viewing and cultural adventures with little or no additional costs. With a population of over 5 millions, the Sukuma tribe occupies an extensive area from Lake Victoria through gold and diamond rich fields in Mwanza, Shinyanga, Tabora and Mara regions. The strong customs of these people are characterized by their endurance and ability to assimilate cultural influences from other people. Nevertheless, they are well known for their generosity and hardworking. We are still working hard to gather historical and cultural materials for the interpretation.

Visiting Traditional Healer
The healers practice herbal healing and different divination rituals, which stem from a long history of Sukuma people. They are consulted for ailments ranging from malaria, psychological problems to good luck medicines. They combine knowledge of local plants and Sukuma ancestral beliefs with experience in making medicines to provide remedies, amulets and long-term cure. Traditional healers continue to play a major societal and medicinal role not only within Sukuma community but also to most Tanzania rural societies. Although not all Sukuma consult traditional healers many people have close association with their personal healers and rely on traditional medicines.

Visiting Kamani indigenous Forest
The Kamani Indigenous Forest is located at Mkula Village, 15 km away from Serengeti Stop Over center. It is possible to bike. Due to time constraint most guests find it convenient to drive. There is a unique story behind this forest. The forest survived the indiscriminate deforestation practiced by villagers. The tour starts at the throne stone and then our guide will take guests around the forest where you they will experience the influence of human activities to the environment. The tour ends up in a Sukuma family leaving nearby where you guests participate in different house chores such as cow milking, milk curdling, pounding cassava/rice/maize and cooking. This could be the only chance for you to sample traditional food and experience true village life. Courtesy by: Serengeti stop over

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